What is accountability coaching?


Accountability coaching is a custom program based on a personal relationship between you and I. I will be holding you accountable for your daily food choices and checking in with your workout plans so that you can reach the goals you set out to achieve. 


Why do you need an accountability coach? 


It’s easy to ‘say’ I’m going to start a healthy diet on Monday or start working out 5 times a week at the gym. BUT, it’s really tough to consistently put this into action and stick to it. I will support you on your journey and help you develop the habits that make it a lifestyle rather than a fad. 


I’m Charlie, mum of two little humans, living on the doorstep of London in Barnes. 


With a background in professional tennis and a world ranking, a 1st class honours degree in Sport Science from Loughborough University, you’d be right in thinking sports, health and nutrition has been my life. 


I’m an endorphin junkie, that loves food as much as running and lifting weights and somewhere along the line tries to find a little balance between the two. But finding balance is tough. Let me help you find that balance; change the old habits and hold you accountable to your new healthy lifestyle you’ve talked about but struggled to put into action. 


This isn’t about looking good, it’s about feeling good and what’s more important than that? 


Put yourself first and I will cheer you on every step of the way and make sure you stay the course. 



For all new clients I work on a standard four week approach, which includes all of the below for £200. Towards the end of the four weeks, we talk through things to see if you need my help going forward at a cost of £150 per month. It goes without saying, I have a standard approach to ensure I can best help you but we can tailor things based on your needs.


  • Four weeks of daily accountability coaching 

  • A personal relationship with your coach

  • All day, one to one support through WhatsApp and Voice notes

  • Help with managing calories and macronutrients

  • Build a great routine that works for YOU and your lifestyle

  • Kickstart your health and fitness journey and build healthy, sustainable habit

  • Guidance on training at home, in the gym or through other forms of movement.



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